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When you are flying at 41,000 feet in a private aircraft, you want have a strong sense of confidence in the pilot at the helm! And, you want to feel at home.

Both are essential in the world of air travel. Let's face it: though I may appreciate the skill of a strong leader, I would rather not share air space with Attila the Hun!

Furthermore, all of us have experienced the uneasiness of mood created by a family member who seems to be at cross purposes with the rest.

At Luxairis, though we cannot ensure harmony among your family (or traveling companions) we can do our best to tailor-fit the pilot of your craft to ensure the best travel experience possible. No doubt, we do hire pilots who display confidence - their experience bearing record of their skill. But we only hire those who appreciate the opportunity of working for You!
It's Called Experience
At Luxairis, experience and friendliness count. Each of our pilots is personally evaluated by our management team. Of course, every private aircraft charter company requires of their pilots to have been rated on the aircraft they fly; that's the law! But Luxairis expects far more.
  • ABILITY (We require a multi-craft rating held by only the top 10% of pilots)
  • EXPERIENCE (No novices at Luxairis! Our pilots have all flown in excess of 5000 hours.)
  • CHARACTER (Integrity, Dependability, Alertness, Decisiveness, Discretion)
  • ATTITUDE (Others first! Observed countless hours in the #2 position before taking the lead!)
  • STAMINA (Physical endurance over the long haul. Each of our pilots maintain a physical workout regimen.)
Pre-Trip Interview
Would you like to meet your pilot in advance. No problem. Stop by or coordinate a Skype call with your Luxairis Team Coordinator! At Luxairis, we want you to begin enjoying your trip before your feet ever touch the tarmac!
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