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Luxairis has set out to build a collection of the essentials in aviation. A world class piece of real estate where Aircraft, Luxury charters, Featured Flights, pilots, crew members and flight attendants have a central place to be found quickly. Don't like searching a web site? Call us we have a team of professionals who can help with any aviation need over the phone.

Aircraft for sale: Everyone seems to have a different need these days with so much business commerce occurring daily the ever need continually grows. We want to help you capture that business. For a limited time you can post your aircraft for sale for free while we grow and eventually we may ask you to support the site financially especially if it brings you the audience to help you make a deal.

Luxury jet charter: Luxairis is a great place to quickly line up with an airplane who's going your way. Luxury Jet Charter Operators would prefer not to reposition their airplanes and add cycles to the owners aircrafts so why not get multiple quotes from operators who happen to have an airplane near your city pairs. Get quotes fast and you choose what works best for you. Get Luxairis discounted pricing and book directly with the operator.

Operators: list your Featured Flights! When your empty-leg is clicked on you'll be contacted immediately by the client directly with no middle man. Our system automatically pairs charter requests with Featured Flights too!

PILOTS! This is for you. This was our chance to give back. You've spent years in the trenches gaining that precious experience and now your in demand. This is your home wether your full-time employed, seeking or a contractor this is your place on the web. We want every pilot with a type rating to make him or herself a profile on We believe that every pilot should be reachable. Ever notice when someone calls you in search of a pilot and your not available to do it personally you look through your phone to see who you can contact and help out with just a referral? We do it too. We wound up calling a guy who knows a guy and it man it can be time consuming. Help us gather all those contacts and put them under one roof and we'll make it free! Why you say? Because we've been given the best free gift already and we want to give something back to the people who scour the globe. What better way of sharing the good news globally.

Flight attendants: We made a special place just for you. We created a unique search bar to help operators locate the right individual in the right place. Operators can find a flight attendant in a pinch and view profiles when considering to hire. And we made it free as well. Tell your friends.

In development... An interactive Luxairis forum attached to your profile. A place where we can post opportunities and you be contacted wit a match. A place to ask questions to peers. A place to post experiences and much more.

We have A Mission
To see lives transformed by Jesus Christ, for the glory of God. Romans 1:16,17 For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, for the Jew first and also for the Greek. For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith; as it is written, "The just shall live by faith." We desire to become more like Jesus, to have His heart become our heart, His will become our will. This transformation is made possible through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Change does not happen from the outside in, but from the inside out. Transformation is possible by an encounter with God that includes both belief and surrender, an encounter that Jesus describes as being “born again.” It is an experience with the God of the Bible that makes Him forever Lord and Savior and makes us both His servant and worshipper. Our relationship with Him breaks the power of sin and self-centeredness that, up until this point, we could not have power over. ( Rom 12:1,2, Rom 8:29, Phi 1:6, 2Co 3:18) But God has so designed us that we could never do it alone. We are linked together, and grow together, through the body of Christ and what better way to get the good news flown around the globe.
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