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Luxairis Aircraft Management allows you the privilege of private ownership, yet the joy of experiencing the enjoyment of air travel undeterred. Luxairis ensures you - the aircraft owner - the assurance that your jet is ready to fly the moment you have the desire to travel. You are one of an elite few, let Luxairis indulge you in the fullest sense of that privileged position. Luxairis is your Flight Department.

Why We're The BEST
With a Luxairis Aircraft Management Agreement, you will be awarded with:
  • The meticulous care of your jet aircraft - from nose to tail, from the hydraulics and electrical systems, tidy cabin interior to shiny exterior.
  • Complete compliance with all FAA-mandated flight hour and time-sensitive maintenance thresholds. RVSM, INTL PROC'D, 91 Flight Department.
  • Professional accounting services ensuring accurate flight logs and detailed expense management even your CPA will envy.
  • Group purchasing power affording the best pricing on fuel, replacement parts, AOG MX and luxury upgrades.
  • Dispatch control center. You command we comply.
Additional Advantages
Though most major private jet services offer such services, you will surely relish the following as a Luxairis client:
  • Hand-picked Flight Service Crew (FSC) ensuring tip-to-tail knowledge of your aircraft.
  • 24-hour, live-response phone "hotline" enabling you to contact your FSC team leader 24/7.
  • Personalized Travel Delights Concierge who knows what makes you happy - from your favorite 5 star restaurant in NYC to that quaint villa in Tuscany.
  • Aircraft upgrade availability for that family reunion requiring just a bit more space!
  • The Luxairis Two-hour "Ready to Fly!" guarantee.
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