Learjet 60

Aircraft Specifications
Passenger Capacity: 8
Lavatory: Full
Cruise Speed (mph): 521
Range: 2045 nm
Cabin Width: 5.95 ft
Cabin Height: 5.71 ft
Cabin Length: 17.67 ft
Baggage Capacity: 61 ft3
Aircraft Overview
The Learjet 60, Mid-Size Jet is manufactured by Bombardier Aerospace in Wichita, Kansas. The cabin of the Lear 60 is the largest in the Learjet line, carrying nine passengers, piloted by a two-man crew.

The LJ60 corporate jet cruises at 465 knots and has a range of over 3,000 miles. Enjoy the safest and most economical executive jet in its class, and relax in comfort and style in the foremost advanced Bombardier Learjet.

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