Embraer Legacy

Aircraft Specifications
Passenger Capacity: 13
Lavatory: Full
Cruise Speed (mph): 515
Range: 3527 sm
Cabin Width: 6.9 ft
Cabin Height: 6 ft
Cabin Length: 49.8 ft
Baggage Capacity: 286 ft3
Aircraft Overview
The Embraer Legacy business jet delivers exquisite comfort in a spacious cabin, with speed and range for intercontinental trips. The Legacy Embraer is outfitted with the finest quality hardwoods, fabrics and finishes. Interior amenities on this corporate jet include a 12-seat arrangement with sideboard, tables and standard sofa.

Embraer Jets also features real-time in-cabin communications, individual workstations, wireless high-speed internet, digital data connection, wardrobe, full service galley, and an air-conditioned cabin and baggage compartments.

Aircraft Images

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